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Selling Andratx properties – Why choose Luxury Estates Mallorca?

Due to our many years of experience as real estate agents in Port Andratx and surroundings and due to the situation of our real estate office right in the centre of Port Andratx, we know the property market and the stories of most properties in Port Andratx like no other. As a local real estate agent in Port Andratx we are a direct part of every day’s business – and we feature a large data base which also contains the actual selling price of Andratx properties that have been sold within the last few years. With this, we have the necessary tools at our disposal to give you as the owner a realistic evaluation of your property corresponding to the market value. If you want to sell your property in Andratx you need an experienced partner who knows the local market. Luxury Estates Mallorca – your real estate agent with office in Port Andratx. Contact us by mail for a free evaluation of your property or call us on + 34 971 673934.

Selling Andratx properties is easier with professional photos.

We believe in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. That is why we – as LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA – believe that the quality of our properties’ photos represents a very important part of the presentation of your property in Andratx.

Selling Andratx properties  – Business as usual?

The presentation of Andratx properties on the internet nowadays is playing an important role when it comes to international marketing. On the other hand, one has to be careful that the characteristics of luxury properties in Andratx do not suffer when properties on Mallorca are being offered on countless websites just like cosmetics in an online shop. A property in Andratx cannot only be described with words and also photos will not be enough. At the end of the day, only the personal viewing will enable the interested buyer to get a real and personal “feeling” for the property. When marketing your property in Andratx, we focus on understanding potential, interested buyers and making the right pre-selection. This is only possible with our comprehensive knowledge of the local market and the property. Taking clients on “viewing marathons” and hoping, in the end they might find something they like is not the way we work. We are convinced that there is a different way to sell Andratx properties. Contact us for a free consultation.

Your consultation is our top priority

Professional expertise and qualifications are necessary in order to finalize the sales process. We will support you with our experience not only during the sales process but also when it comes to your legal obligations as a vendor. Because your consultation is our top priority, you will only be attended by the owners of LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA in Port Andratx. We have proved that we are capable to sell Andratx properties – until the end of 2014 as franchisee of Kensington Finest Properties International and now working with the same, well-established team under our own name – Luxury Estates Mallorca.

Entrust us with the sale of your property! We are looking forward to your enquiry and will get back to you immediately.