Real Estate Andratx offers

The real estate market is always in motion. In addition to our real estate offers on our daily updated website we also provide a wide range of properties for sale which we are marketing in a confidential manner according to the owners’ requests.

Our consulting service is a matter of management

According to the motto “our consulting service is a matter of management” you will only be attended by the owners of the office of LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA in Port Andratx your experts for Real Estate Andratx. In doing so, we make sure you will truly receive a qualified and client-orientated service and avoid the “closing-orientated” way of working of freelance or employed sales agents.

Purchasing real estate Andratx on Mallorca

Different to most northern European countries properties on Mallorca are usually not being marketed exclusively by one real estate agency. If you as a buyer contact several agents on Mallorca in order to get an overview of the properties that are on offer you will find that you are being offered more or less the same properties. As the agents here on Mallorca are using different photo material and also the descriptions of the properties differ to some extent quite a lot you will often only find out that the alleged large offer of properties here on Mallorca is being reduced to a well defined number when you are viewing the properties.

Due to this experience we also offer our clients to act as an exclusive property scout for them.

After having found your Real Estate Andratx we will proceed as follows:

• negotiations with the owner
• intermediation of legal assistance – if requested
• intermediation of mortgages at our partner banks or obtaining of mortgage offers
• intermediation of appraisors – if requested
• complete calculation of costs for purchasing the property
• preparation of purchase-, option- or reservation contracts in the according languages
• verifying of the current abstract of title
• opening of a bank account at a local bank
• application of the Spanish tax number (NIE)
• obtaining information regarding building laws and communal building requirements; especially when purchasing a plot or a renovation object
• preparation of the notarial proceedings – preparation of the notary appointment

Even after the notary appointment you can rely on the service of Kensington Finest Properties International.

We will take care of the following important steps for you as well:

• transfer of water, electricity contracts etc. to your name
• registration of real estate tax and waste fees to your name
• preparation of standing orders with your local bank

We can also give you some recommendations when you are looking for

• lawyers on Mallorca
• tax advisors on Mallorca
• appraisors
• insurances
• building companies
• gardeners
• house maintencance
• decorators
• furniture shops
• kitchen retailers
• skilled workers of any kind
• etc.