Holidays in Andratx

Public Holidays – Save the Date!

Regional holidays

The most important holidays in Andratx are the celebrations of San Pedro, the patron saint of the fishermen, in the village of Andratx and the celebrations of the virgin Carmen in Port Andratx. There is a variety of things happening during the day and in the evening, lasting several days. You will find traditional music, concerts, street fairs and fire works. On the 29th June, the actual holiday, the fishermen are gathering in the Port of Andratx doing a procession around the bay. This celebration merges into the celebrations of the Virgin Carmen on the 16th July in Port Andratx. The statue of the blessed virgin is being carried from the church to the port, beautifully decorated. It is then put on a boat, leading a boat fleet. The day ends with fireworks. The celebrations last serveral days, there are, among other things, a horse show and a “devils’ dance“.

Other Holidays

6th January – Reyes Magos – Day of the Three Kings
In the village of Andratx the kings arrive by horse at the church to distribute the presents for the children. In Port Andratx the kings arrive by boat in the harbour and move on to the church on horses. This is quite a special and entertaining event, especially for children.

1st March – Day of the Balearics
On this day, the Balearics celebrate their independence. Since the 1st March 1983 the Balearics are an autonomous part of Spain.

Easter is an important holiday on the Balearics and in all of Spain. The Easter holidays already start on the Holy Thursday.

15th August
Asunción de Maria – Assumption day

12th October
National holiday – The discovery of Amerika by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492 is being celebrated

1st November
All Saints Day

6th December
Constitution day – Day of the Spanish Constitution of 1978

8th December
Immaculada Concepción – Immaculate conception

25. / 26. December

Farmer’s Market
In Andratx, there is a farmer’s market every Wednesday. From 9:00 h to 13:00 h you can not only buy fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, ham, olives etc. but also different souvenirs. There is no farmer’s market in Port Andratx.