Almond Blossom on Mallorca

Almond Blossom on Mallorca

Mallorca almond blossom

Almond Blossom on Mallorca

Time and time again – every year the almond blossom on Mallorca is worth travelling to the island. Each year, in January and February, you can enjoy the wonderful almond blossom on Majorca islandwide. At that time, thousands of people are drawn to the beautiful island of Mallorca because they want to enjoy the almond blossom on Mallorca up close. Supposedly, there are several million almond trees on Mallorca, many of them growing wild. This is a perfect time to travel around the island in your car and enjoy the almond blossom on Mallorca. It is also the right time for nice bike rides or hiking trips. The weather can already be quite warm and the island is not yet overflowing with tourists.

Even if you live here and maybe already own a country home on Mallorca, the almond blossom on Mallorca still is well worth seeing every year. The almond blossom on Mallorca is shining in pink or white on the almond trees spread all over the island. Pink are the blossoms of the bitter almond and white the blossoms of the sweet almond. Most of the almond trees can be found on the East coast, between Portocolom and Cala Millor, in the area of Llucmajor, on the Southeast coast between Cala Figuera and Santanyi and in the area of Andratx and Soller and aroung Montuiri.

Did you know how Mallorca became the island of the almond blossom? At the end of the 19th century the wine growers of the island had to look for an alternative to growing wine as a vine fretter plague had stopped the wine growing almost completely. The almond trees had already been brought to the island by the Moors around the year 900. Many wine growers then increasingly planted almond trees. This is how the almond blossom on Mallorca came about.

Mallorca almond tree

Almond tree on Mallorca

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the almond blossom on Mallorca directly in your own country home on Mallorca? Maybe you are thinking about buying a country home on Mallorca so you can enjoy the almond blossom on Mallorca close to one of the beautiful almond fields? Our team at Luxury Estates Mallorca will be happy to help you with your property search. Our office is located in the pedestrian area of Port Andratx, but we are working for you island wide. Our large portfolio also covers the country home on Mallorca within natural surroundings that you might be looking for. Please contact us if you are looking for a country home on Mallorca and if you not only want to enjoy the almond blossom here on the island but also the different seasons within the beautiful settings of your country home on Mallorca. We are looking forward to hearing from you.