Mallorca Properties in Andratx

Mallorca Properties – purchasing in the Andratx area

Buying Mallorca properties still is the aim of many Northern Europeans and it is even becoming stronger because of the continuing discussions about the future of the Euro. The purchase of Mallorca properties especially in the South West of Mallorca is still considered to be a safe investment despite the overall situation in Spain.

The market situation for Mallorca properties in the area around the famous Port Andratx keeps having its very own “laws”. Developed plots in good locations are rare and older Mallorca properties in top locations keep selling for maximum prices due to the high demand. Currently, it is the investors from “non Euro countries” who use the advantage of the currency exchange in order to purchase Mallorca properties in Andratx especially at a “bargain” price. The special situation of the real estate location Port Andratx is the reason for the ongoing high interest of the interested buyers. The geographical position of the small harbour village Port Andratx generally accounts for limited construction possibilities. The quite steep hillsides around the harbour village partly determine the direction of views for complete urbanizations. This is the reason there are locations completely without sea- or harbour views that in theory are available for construction, but are absolutely not of interest and never will be.

Prospective buyers of Mallorca Properties face a difficult market – but we can help

The best locations of Mallorca properties already have been covered 25 years ago and today it is hardly ever possible to find good building plots in Port Andratx. The prices for building grounds in perfect locations are currently amounting to more than 2000,- € / sqm and in first line to the sea they are even higher. Plots for building apartments with sea views are very scarce. Moreover, due to different adaptions of the local building law to European conditions there have been given almost no new building licenses for Mallorca properties in the community of Andratx within the last 5 years. Especially the slowly started apportionment procedure for the development of the urbanizations with water and sewer junctions in the municipality of Andratx has slowed down the issuing of new building licences.
Meanwhile, the works have started and some urbanizations have already been finished. If you are currently looking for newly built Mallorca properties in the Andratx area, you can only fall back on the few refurbished villas being offered at the moment or you have to wait for at least 1 more year until the building activities that have just started in the community of Andratx will produce new Mallorca properties for sale. In the not-too- distant future older Mallorca properties will have to be torn down in order to make room for new, contemporary construction as the number of building plots – as already mentioned – is very limited.

LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA is a Mallorca based real estate agency who operates a sales office in Port Andratx for the sale of properties for sale in Port Andratx and Mallorca properties.