Andratx Villas

Andratx Villas on Mallorca

The village of Andratx situated in the south west of Mallorca and the natural harbour of Port Andratx close by are well-known for their high prices per square metre for luxury properties on Mallorca, especially for Andratx villas with sea views located on spectacular hill sides. The steep hills surrounding the harbour of Port Andratx and the hills of the neighbouring bays offer the perfect conditions for beautiful Andratx villas with undisturbed sea views.

More than 30 years ago already, the first villas in Andratx were built to be used as holiday and weekend homes. Originally, it was the wealthy Mallorquins from Palma de Mallorca who discovered the fishing harbour of Port Andratx as the perfect location for their holiday home. Over the years, more and more northern Europeans discovered the community of Andratx and the starting run for properties in Andratx made the community of Andratx famous for being the “richest community in Europe” for a while.


The famous Andratx villas by the architect Alberto Rubio

During the last decades very different building styles have been established for villas on Mallorca. In Port Andratx, the architect Alberto Rubio has introduced some new accents with his seagull villas that cannot be missed. For a long time, these extraordinary Andratx villas could only be found on Mallorca in Port Andratx. The white, curved concrete roofs of these houses resembling a seagull’s wings are very distinctive. Currently, there are 3 of these extraordinary villas under construction in Camp de Mar.

For some years now, modern, minimalistic villas are being built in Andratx and on Mallorca. There are up to date only a few houses in the community of Andratx that have been built in this style, but currently, there are some very interesting, modern villas under construction in Port Andratx.

For a long time, the “Karig house” in Andratx, named after the German architect S. Karig was very popular as these Mediterranean villas connected the atmosphere ot the typical, Mallorquin country home with the demands for living comfort of the international interested buyers in a perfect way.

Nowadays, especially Andratx villas in a Finca style are considered to be the perfect compromise of Mediterranean flair and very modern interior. Traditional elements like hammered marble, sand stone and wood are combined with modern elements like micro cement floors, designer bathrooms and kitchens, topped off with high class home automation.


Buying Andratx villas

Due to the relatively small building plots in the community it is difficult to find Andratx villas that have a significantly larger living area than 500 sqm. Larger estates with sea views in Andratx have only been built in the urbanisation of Las Brisas in Port Andratx or by connecting several building plots in Andratx. Villas in Las Brisas are among the most luxurious and expensive properties on the island of Mallorca.

Owning a villa in Port Andratx is something special even on Mallorca and due to the limited number of available building plots it will remain a safe investment.

We offer a large variety of Andratx villas and properties in the southwest of Mallorca and we are looking forward to helping you with your search for villas in Andratx and in the whole south west of the island of Mallorca.


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