Newly built projects in Puerto de Andratx

Kensington Finest Properties International was able to close several exclusive contracts with property developers and therefore has the exclusive licence to sell some selected luxury, newly built villas in Puerto de Andratx.


After several years of very low building activity in the municipality of Andratx and because of these exclusive contracts for marketing brand-new properties in Puerto de Andratx, KENSINGTON Finest Properties is currently the contact for clients looking to buy a newly built villa in Puerto de Andratx. It goes without saying that KENSINGTON Finest Properties also features further newly build projects and substantial refurbishments of villas in its portfolio in Puerto de Andratx, Cala Llamp, La Mola, Monport, Cala Marmacen and Cala Moragues. Nowadays, buyers of premium real estate certainly expect the same building qualities to be used in their holiday home as in their principal residence. Clients who would like to purchase such a luxury villa in Puerto de Andratx and often already own an apartment or a motor boat in the marina of Puerto de Andratx, have been waiting for this kind of quality for quite some time. And it were not the property developers who missed out on a new trend on Mallorca, but rather the long unsolved problems of the building authorities that delayed the starting of new projects in the municipality of Andratx for several years. As quality is crucial in the end and the property developers can finally accomodate these demands now, clients who are interested in buying properties in Puerto de Andratx at last have the opportunity again to purchase newly built villas without having to accept inferior building quality.

Two building projects will be completed in the autumn of 2012. These 2 sea view villas on La Mola have been designed in a modern and minimalist way. Each villa comprises 3 bedrooms and bathrooms en suite. Everything has been carefully thought out; there is underfloor heating, intelligent home automation, and solar collectors. Both villas feature a private pool, a garage and a carport. 02

03Another exclusive building project being marketed by KENSINGTON Finest Properties will be completed and ready to move into in the winter of 2012/2013. This villa is currently being constructed in the Cala Moragues in first line to the sea and comprises 4 bedrooms and bathrooms on a constructed area of approx. 380 sqm. This villa offers a timeless combination of modern, Mediterranean architecture and modern interior.